Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Is there any difference between a perfect machine with just a tiny flaw that cannot be corrected and a completely flawed machine? What's the difference between a person with perfect thoughts that are constricted with emotions and belief, and a person with no good thoughts at all? It is when people stop applying logic in their thoughts, decisions, or actions that they cross the line between reason and dogma.

One of the most serious dangers of dogma (of which religion is a big example) is that it doesn't contain a self-correction mechanism, it doesn't require thinking, hence it's a comfortable path for people to follow. It's always much easier to go with the flow than to go against it, especially when going against it is considered nothing short of a revolution.

Looking at all the great minds that were, and still are being, wasted because of such dogmatic lines of thought (excuse the oxymoron), one is left with only one thought: What a loss....