Saturday, December 23, 2006


What are families but little dysfunctional blocks where children are constantly brainwashed with stupidities like religion and "social values"? Blocks where people's lives are controlled by others who are more "experienced" and "knowledgable" than them. The only reason this happens is because you let it happen. Parents always say they're more experienced, they tried a lot more, went to many more places, and dealt with many more people, which means they could probably give you all the experience and information that you need without you having to try anything on your own. But is that information timeless? Isn't it your right to try whatever you want and get your own experience out of it?

I think that females will be able to relate more to what I'm saying since they are the "objects" around which the "honour" of every family revolves. But no matter what "special case" your family has, or what excuse you give yourself to be able to sleep at night, the fact remains that almost all of us, males and females, come in contact with this everyday, and can do something about it.

What exactly gives your family any control over you? Just because two people gave you their genes and took care of you when you couldn't do it on your own doesn't give them any right to ruin your life, or change it as they see fit. Last time I checked nobody chose to be born, let alone born a slave. Who's fault is it if your parents can't breathe without you around, or can't go on without knowing every little detail about your life? It's theirs, not yours, and as far as I'm concerned it's extremely dumb to make it yours.

When are people going to start using their brains and realize that friends are better than families? It's because of all the nonsense being fed to us since we were kids about how family is always good, always there for you, and wants the best for you, that we think friends are disposable but family isn't. However, just imagine living your entire life with a friend that you chose and think of how your relation would be. Afterall, more than 99% of older people can't even begin to understand the fast-paced world we live in, let alone live it. So where's the fairness in limiting the lives of others just because you can't live it? Personally, I believe that's very selfish and quite pathetic.

One final thought to ponder upon: No self-respecting woman with a functional brain would ever allow her boyfriend or husband to control, threaten, or beat her. Why is it any different with your father, brother, or mother?


Anonymous said...

man, what you've written in this thought specifically is so much beyond the point of being reasoned with; So i'll keep it very technical. "dysfunctional" is spelled with a y.

Q said...

Thank you for the correction, I corrected it. But why do you think it is beyond the point of being reasoned with?