Friday, March 2, 2007


Looking at this list, one can't help but feel the despair, and the yearning for a purpose, a higher power, and a reason for existence. A need, though self-generated, so blinding that humans throughout history enclose themselves in fake shells that with time become their whole reality (see Bubbles). The self-sustaining nature of religion that makes people see the lies others live yet consider themselves or their religion exempt amazes me.


Mojoey said...

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Tala said...


i do get your point, but in the same manner with the list mentioned, Atheism is listed as a kind of belief as well, somewhere else in another list, maybe its not a religion, maybe its the religion of science, it remains a party that has a set of agreed texture as well that allows reason as basis which is good.

you told me about the teapot theory, thats why we should keep the doubt there, keep the probability that we could be wrong. thats why we need to update ourself every now and then, otherwise our belief will grow stronger in a fool way.

Thanks for the conversation the otherday. keep it up :)

Anonymous said...

Not everything can be reduced to opposite sides of the same coin. Temperature can be described in this manner: "cold" is the absence of "heat"(energy) BUT heat is NOT the absence of "cold". Cold is the default state when there is no energy. When energy is produced, the temperature rises. Nontheism (atheism, hard agnosticism) is a default position. It is the absence of Belief.

All people discount religions contrary to their own (they call them myths, false religions or even downright lies), yet they suspend their disbelief and rationality when it comes to their own acceptance of a faith-based construct.

The problem may be that the "default" in our physical universe is that there is no evidence for the existance of the "supernatural"; but the default in humans may be the need to imagine and create a supernatural world in order to explain what cannot be explained without an understanding of physics and rationality.

Since we live in an open universe, we can never exhaust all the possibilities of finding evidence of "God" (beyond our anecdotal accounts) so we cannot "prove" no god(s) exists; however, since any interaction between a deity who works in the medium of physics(creation) and our physics obeying universe would leave tell-tale signs (a thumb print, if you will) then we can be confident that the probabilities of the existance of deities is nil, barring any hard evidence to the contrary. But yes, to be on the safe side we can say God(s) don't exist, but it can never be proven and no one has yet proven the existance of any supernatural being or beings. Good luck on your endeavors. -J

Devil's Mind said...

This reminds me of the old joke: There is no big difference between a religious person and an atheist: They both agree on a VERY LONG list of Gods that don't exist, but they disagree on ONLY ONE of them!!

Q said...

"Calling Atheism a religion is like calling bald a hair color"
Don Hirschberg

Roba said...

Hehe, it's hilarious isn't it? Organized religion is amusing to no end.

Anna Aguilar said...

"Calling Atheism a religion is like calling bald a hair color" Don Hirschberg